The idea behind this Community is to gather together the names and websites of people who use crafting, making and baking to support, or encourage open discussion of, physical and mental disabilities and/or donate to charity. A sort of Directory of websites with a heart.

Inclusion in the list will be the result of personal suggestion or recommendation and no one on the list received any payment, gratuity or other remuneration other than a link to their website.

If you know of anyone or any organisation whose name could be added to the community, please contact us with a brief description of what they do and how they help. We hope that over time the list will grow and help support people everywhere who struggle with long term physical and mental health issues.

BuBakes -

Fabulous cakey creations and supporter of the Depressed Cake Shop. Blogs wonderfully about mental health, and the challenges of living with anxiety and depression.

Depressed Cake Shop -

Charity set up in 2013 to raise funds for improving mental health awareness through baking grey cakes with a burst of colour inside. Promotes the value of baking as therapy.

Conscious Crafties -

A wide ranging group who support crafters with chronic illnesses and disabilities, and those caring for their loved ones. A great forum and people wishing to sell their handmade items online can apply to open a shop through Conscious Crafties, who help publicise their goods.

Living Made Easy -

An excellent advice and information website about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living, developed by the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF), a national charity providing independent advice about independent living for disabled adults and children, their carers and families.

They have a special section for Arts & Crafts adaptations that can help people continue crafting when they thought they'd have to give up.

Craftivist Collective -

A global community using crafting as a gentle route to engaging people in causes and changing the world one small stitch at a time. They suggest Projects where you can get involved in good causes through crafting a simple piece, making something or baking.

Tillypops -

A lady with vasculitis and other illnesses selling handmade pet toys to raise awareness of vasculitis and myeloma.

Singing Bird -

A talented artist who uses fibres to create her artworks, whilst battling fibromyalgia and its side effects.

OneGirlAndACupcake -

This lovely lady has fought through type 1 diabetes and many complications to produce beautiful cakes and cupcakes to order. Baking and promoting her brand help her to take her mind off and get creative.



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