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Sparkly Pretty Things is a website with a heart, part of a virtual community of crafters, makers and bakers who have, or support people with, physical disabilities and mental health conditions.

My name is Linda and I started Sparkly Pretty Things. I developed chronic physical illnesses that changed my life completely, and then had severe depression. I used crafting jewellery as a distraction initially but then began to see an improvement in my mental health.

Crafting made me feel productive and useful, as well as helping me relax and feel calmer. Over time I became involved with others with similar views, who supported charity and better health through crafting etc, and the idea of websites with a heart was born.

There are so many with physical and mental illnesses that could potentially benefit from crafting in whatever form. By setting up a Community page on this website, I hope to add crafters, makers and bakers of all kinds to our page, to help them sell their crafts and bakes, raise awareness of the power of crafting on mental health and support others with similar conditions.

As a commitment to this goal, I donate a chunk of money from every sale to the charities that support me through my physical and mental illnesses. Whilst others in our Community may not donate directly to charity, or have different preferred charities, all are persons using crafting, making or baking as physical or mental therapy or supporting those who do.

All monies raised through the site will be reported in the Blog on the Facebook page and donated on a monthly basis. The charities supported by Sparkly Pretty Things are MIND, Lupus UK and the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. You can donate directly to either charity by clicking on their name.

I'm delighted to say that we have just won an award from BrightPig.com as their Business of the Week in recognition of our work and support for people with chronic illnesses.

To read more from me on the story behind this website, having chronic health conditions and how to live with them and how crafting helps, please read the Blog.  You can also keep up with us socially below.  

From April 2017 we have launched a small but growing range of what I call 'positivity' products, called the "Different" range.  You can access this from the Home page or

The essence of why we developed these products is to help empower disabled kids and adults, along with anyone else whose feels that they are different.  Read my story of how I came up with the ideas, and further details in the Blog.  New designs are coming along all the time!

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