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Last weekend something rather wonderful happened.  I entered Sparkly Pretty into a Twitter competition without much hope, we've only been going since late August.

However the award was for Business of the Week, and we had had a rather good week, including reaching 300 likes on Facebook and winning a bulk order from a business customer.

And we only went and won it!  Bright Pig, an SEO and search marketing company who themselves had been picked by Theo Paphitis for his SBS award, had given us the nod.

I can't tell you how much this meant to me.  Here's why.

When I talk of the company in terms of "we" and "our" it's because this venture is like a friend, challenging me and supporting me.  I do have to manage its demands on my time, but I'm in charge so I've learned, sometimes the hard way, how to manage it and not let it manage me.  Because people engage with me as well as with Sparkly Pretty Things it's a pleasure to post, share experiences and what I've learned as well as hopefully help or reach other people who are wrestling with physical or mental health problems through this blog.

I've learned so much in these first three months, not just about selling your crafting online but about me and life and getting a bit of my spark back.  I realised yet again how much I miss my job and my friends at work and everything that involved, but through Sparkly Pretty I'm making new online friends, many of whom are in the same boat or just crafting for the sheer love of it.  

I'm also realising that what I'm doing, however small, does count.  We've made two donations to my charities so far, made possible by people who believed my products were good and bought them.  I'm learning so much from other people and I hope helping them too occasionally.  My state of mind is more positive and I look forward to things more.

So the award was like a small vindication from the outside world, a recognition that we mattered and that what we were doing was working.  Boy did that feel good!  So thank you Bright Pig, you did a whole lot more than just give me a badge.

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